Education Copywriter: From Elementary to Higher Institutions – You get education copy that is authentic, user-focused, relevant, and result-driven

Are you looking for website copywriting for your educational institute, school, or kids? At AB Education Copywriting, you get learning content that focuses on the education sector.

Whether you’re a school or startup in the education industry, our professional, well-researched, and SEO copies will help you connect with your target audience and grow your business in little time.

Grow Your Online Presence, Increase Your Website Traffic & Boost Your Business ROI with Professional Education Content Writing and Copywriting


We provide original content that’s well-researched and creatively crafted to educate and persuade your readers.


All our copies are designed to fit your learners’ needs. We focus on creating content that align with your users’ personalities and learning needs irrespective of whether they are beginners or advanced learners.


Content that achieves no result is mere words. Our copies achieve your goals whether it’s to inform, entertain or persuade your users to take specific desired actions.

How my Education Copywriting Service Grows Your Business

Around the world, the interest in education is growing significantly. A greater number of parents, schools, institutions, and education companies are seeking educational content that’s relevant as well as education. Copywriting allows you to stand out in this busy space and communicate your distinct message to the right audience.

Using a clear tone that projects your brand as well as describes your educational offerings would make you an authority in the education industry. Adenike, the brain behind AB Education Copywriting, has established her copywriting in the education niche to help more businesses and families record a greater level of success when compared to others or competitors.

Growing your education business through copywriting

As an education copywriter with a focus on education, I offer content that not only informs but also encourages your users to take action. With an effective content strategy, we can determine and decide on the kind of copies that would grow your business to provide you with the ideal content for conversion.

I will understand your vision, your audience or consumers, and research industry practices to keep your products and services on the lips of everyone who needs them.

What Past Clients think…

‘Adenike has been writing for my site for about two years now, and she always goes over and beyond to deliver great education copies.’ – Marni Pasch,

‘Since we began OPS in 2019, Adenike has written blog posts for our school blog. I have been impressed with her research skills and ability to capture ideas using positive and strong words.’ – Dr. B. Oyerinde, OPS Preparatory School

What our Services include…

At AB Education Copywriting, our goal is to understand the needs of our clients and provides copies with align with these.

Understanding your content needs

Whether you’re a parent, school owner, young/adult learner, teacher, university or education startup, these are the services you can get:

  • SEO Copywriting
  • Website Copywriting
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Product Description Copywriting
  • IELTS Blog Writing
  • Podcast Writing
  • Video Script Copywriting

To fully grasp the scope and purpose of your education copywriting project, we will send you a brief which includes at least 10 questions relating to your business or copy need, your target audience, and other vital aspect of your project.

Following this, you’ll receive the initial draft, and can request modifications until you’re satisfied. If you’re happy with the results, we’d be happy too!

Our Education Copywriting Process

1. We’ll send you the Brief

The first step of your project is filling a brief which includes clear details of your project. It’s essential that you tell us everything we should know about your business, target audience, and competition.

Planning your Project

2. You’ll receive the Agreement

After completing the brief, you’ll get a document detailing the project scope, costs, delivery date, and other important information. Your order can only begin after you agree to these terms.

3. We’ll do Our Research

Next, we’ll carry out the necessary research for your project. From keyword research to industry trends and researching your competitions, we’ll help you project your unique selling points. Without the right data and statistics, education copywriting is incomplete.

4. You’ll receive your Order

The final stage of our education copywriting process is the delivery of your project. First, you get the initial draft and send in your corrections if you have them.

Copywriting Delivery stage

Once the necessary adjustments are done, we’ll edit, proofread and deliver. It matters to us that you get high-quality, professional, and valuable content.

Our Education Copywriter Costs

Being transparent about copywriting costs from the get-go is one of our values at AB Education Copywriting. Our payment system involves per-project pricing and the following factors are taken into account:

  • Content Word Count
  • Project Deadline
  • Research required
  • SEO Guidelines
  • Additional Content

To give you a better idea of the pricing system, view our prices below:

  • Hourly rates – N6,000
  • Website Content including 5 pages (Home Page, About Us Page, Services Page, Blog Page, and Contact Us Page), research, continued communication and revisions (maximum of 3) – from N200,000
  • One-off Blog Post Writing (500-1,000 words)- from N70,000
  • IELTS Blog Writing – from N50,000
  • Podcast Writing – from N30,000

These prices also cover costs for editing, reviewing, and maintaining excellent communication.

Regular Content Writing Packages

FRESH – N70,000 ($190) N20,000 ($55)**STEADY – N140,000 ($380) N50,000 ($135)**UPGRADED N280,000 ($760) N100,000 ($270)**
Grow Your Online PresenceIncrease Your Web TrafficBoost Your Business Revenue
1 SEO Blog Post2 SEO Blog Posts4 SEO Blog Posts
700+ Words700+ Words700+ Words
Content ReportContent ReportContent Report
Keyword ResearchKeyword ResearchKeyword Research
**Content Writing Prices are discounted to help your business grow during COVID-19.

Hire an Education Copywriter now…

Do you believe our education copywriting services are what you need to communicate with your audience, keep them informed, and grow your business?

Reach out to Adenike on +234 706 441 1970 or email Alternatively, you can feel the form on our Contact Page.

To learn more about how our services can help you, read our FAQ page here.

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