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·       How much do you charge for educational copies?

Generally, I charge N6,000 or $20 per hour. Nonetheless, I recommend individual project quotes to help clients understand the exact cost of their project. I have tried to set prices that are affordable as well as realistic. How much do you charge for educational copies?

·       How can I make payment?

I receive payments via PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer. Before we commence the project, we request that you pay in 50% of the overall cost.

·       Will you write my copy even if I have a low budget?

I am open to working with small businesses and startups with small budgets for copywriting. So, yes, I will consider you. But this is no guarantee that I will write your copy. If your budget is lower than N5,000/hour, I would have to say NO. Alternatively, we could adjust the scope of your project if you are open to the reassessment. Overall, AB Education Copywriting does not accept projects due to sentiment or ‘future-work’ assurances.

·       Do you have a team at AB Education Copywriting?

At present, Adenike Babalola owns AB Education Copywriting. So I am responsible for most of the education copywriting services. Nonetheless, I work with designers and other education experts when necessary. For example, I consult with graphic designers to create visuals including infographics. At other times, I collaborate with some of the best education copywriters to manage large education copy projects.

·       What is your copywriting niche?

I focus on the education brand. So my copies are strictly related to businesses and brands in the education industry. Nonetheless, I am open to taking opportunities in other niches as a result of previous experience as a generalist. Use the Contact Us page to discuss your project if it’s outside the education industry.

·       Will you send me free samples to assess your copywriting?

Sadly, you cannot receive any free samples, as even samples demand time and effort. So I don’t provide copywriting samples.

·       How much time will you need to prepare my copy?

Your deadline will determine how long your order will take. My goal is to deliver your order before your deadline. However, I will provide a suitable timeframe for your copy. And keep you in the loop.

·       Can I request modifications or revisions?

Absolutely. If you need to add or retract anything in the first draft, do let me know. You will get as many revisions as possible until you are satisfied. Your feedback matters a great deal to me.

·       What is included in your copywriting service?

As an education copywriter, I cover every copy that applies to the education sector. And this includes website content, sales copy, blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and SEO copies. If you need brochures or other educational ads, do let us know. Also, I can provide a content marketing strategy to ensure that your educational brand keeps publishing valuable, consistent blog posts.

·       Do I own this copy upon payment?

Yes. You automatically own the copyright of the copies you receive after you approve them and pay the costs involved. Nonetheless, I may require that you grant me the permission to display some aspects of your educational copies in my marketing pieces.

·       Can you deliver my project urgently?

Normally, I prefer to take on new projects after sufficient and careful discussions with clients. And this takes between 4 and 5 days. However, if you need an expedited/rushed delivery, I’ll see what I can do. Nothing is sealed, though.

·       How does your IELTS Training work?

I train potential test takers via video conferencing platforms including Zoom and Skype. At other times, we use WhatsApp. Overall, the goal is to make the IELTS training easily accessible to and convenient for test takers.

·       Do you train both Academic and General Training Modules?

Yes. I prepare IELTS test takers who want to take the Academic module for study and professional registration. Also, I train people looking to take the General Training module for relocation or visa/immigration purposes. Canada is a top location for most of such people.

·       How can I get the Ellen G. White Books that you review?

You can click on the book title on the EGW Books page. It’ll redirect you. Otherwise, you can buy them on Amazon. You can send an email to if both options don’t work for you. I’ll send the PDF files to you.

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