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IELTS Indicator: What You Need to Know about the new Online Test for Students

Based on the impact of COVID-19 on IELTS tests around the world, IELTS has designed a new testing system for students and universities. IELTS Indicator test is an online English test that students can take during the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: British Council

This test is described as conditional and expected to commence on 22 April. It will serve as an indicative test for students who need to make progress with their admission processes in higher isntitutions.

It is essential that people who have interest in IELTS know that this test only covers students and study purposes. Hence, it cannot be used for immigration purposes.

While the IELTS Indicator is organized by IELTS, it is no substitute for the actual IELTS test. The 4 skills will be assessed online and students who intend to take it must have all the necessary resources to achieve their desired band score.

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Read the frequently asked questions here get a better idea of IELTS Indicator. And be sure to find out if your organisation accepts the IELTS Indicator test before you book.

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