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  • Though her name is never mentioned, it is assumed that her true name is Heron, who helped Wolf Dreamer in the first novel.
  • Julian, their half brother who was disinherited from the throne.

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There are two other people who come and visit her to play frequently and in a sense they were her friends. As much and woman contemplating having trouble quoting you. People hunt the wolves, the wolves eat the people. All the endings are really good even the bad ones.

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When they came outside, Fiona marvels that despite the view being similar to that when she watches out the window from the tower, it is still notably different. Having good stats or gear is not enough to complete the quest. Table of Contents You require a printer for home use, want to publish and scan. Trigger custom timing for LREC ad position window. Fiona and the princes go quite a long way back. Now we have finished the LUNATIC PARADE part.

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My first otome game in English, great art and storyline. Thanks to the support of her family, however, she became less prone to illness.

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The site of one of the largest prison escapes of World War II. He always wears gloves because he hates touching directly anyone and anything. Run to the farmhouse.

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